Putting smiles on faces since 1999!

Families flock back to Donegal’s Lapland year after year for many reasons and have done so since 1999!

To keep people coming back we like to makes a few changes now and again, introduce new attractions and throw in a few special surprises from one year to the next and this year is no different.

Feedback from visitors each year helps us shape our ideas on what to do the following year so we hope this year will prove to be as enjoyable and fun as always.

The following will give you an idea of some of the attractions you can experience when visiting.

However, please note that the format and content of each show can vary and is subject to change.


More Fun. More Magic. More Effects.

Suitable for adults & children, this project is to convince the unconverted.

Arrive at least 10 minutes before starting time, present tickets at reception, then proceed through to the show house.

When the show starts the elves appear and explain the story of Christmas.

The show continues and Santa makes his entrance, coming down the chimney!

Here Santa talks to the children. Beware of the naughty elf!

This year look out for some new festive characters!

We have the amazing Winter Wizard to entertain all this year with some tricks and festive magic!

Next you are off to Santa’s village.

First stop is the toy factory where Santa will let each child chose their own present before you all head off to explore the rest of Santa’s Village.

New for 2023 we have local crafts people in Santa’s Village, all transformed in to Santa’s little helper for you.

Some other things you can expect to see in Santa’s Village includes the stable with crib, a Post Office where the children can write out and post their list to Santa and Santa’s Sleigh.

In Santa’s Village, everyone can meet Santa again and the children can have their photographs taken with him.

Please bring your own camera.